Originally, mountain huts were buildings located up to the mountains where travellers and hikers, while crossing the Alps, could find either a shelter from sudden weather changes or a cosy place where to spend the night out of the wilderness. By contrast, nowadays huts are fully-equipped buildings providing a diverse range of services to mountaineers, hikers and climbers before they undertake such an emotional and spiritual adventure in the mountains.

A chance to live and discover the nature sorrounding the Tree Cathedral is to stop by the mountain hut “Capanna 2000”, open everyday from middle of June until September. The mountain hut is located in one strategic zone at 6,561 feet on the south side of Pizzo Arere, then people can easily arrive up to the top (8,241 ft) and delight the splendid panoramic view between the two italian mountain range: From Prealpi Orbiche until the Apennines passing by Gruppo della Disgrazia, Grigna and Monte Rosa.

Next to the hut, for the fans of climbing there are paths where is possible to try or practise the sport-climbing; in addition to this, there are others mountain trails where you can enjoy this grateful surrounding, such as the Periplo dell’Arera, the Cima Corna Piana, the Cima Valmora, the Cima Grem, the Monte Vetro, the Cima Menna, the Laghi Gemelli.

Flowers’ Path
One of the most famous summer attractions in the mountain is undeniably the “Flowers’ Path”, one naturalistic and circular tour of approximately 30 km, whereby visitors can plunge into different varieties of plants and flowers, occasionally very rare and spontaneous. Moreover, the “Flowers’ Path” is accessible on foot or by bike passing by Arera and Corna Piana until the Passo Branchino. Finally, an unmissable opportunity to perceive the spontaneity and the beauty of nature.