A special event is going to turn the Tree Cathedral into a stage for the play “Come Angeli dal Cielo” (Like Angels of the Heaven).

The theatre company SILENCE Teatro is keen on researching on the expressive forms which combine both the theatre and the environment. Indeed, “Come Angeli dal Cielo” is the result of this research. Then, during the performance, the environment on the stage will not appear urban as usual, but exceptionally natural: at the same point a brand-new and very stimulating change of perspective for the company and a unique event for the public.

The performance “Come Angeli dal Cielo” stems from the charming beauty of dreams and aims to combine the real with the unreal, places and non-places, natural spaces and artistic proposal. Once the actors, disguised as angels, will have seized quietly the space as a whole, they will protect it for the purpose of sharing emotions and gestural memories while fluctuating between the heaven and the heart.

Sunday, August 9th 2015 

at The Tree Cathedral
11:00 am

“Come Angeli dal Cielo” (Like Angels of the Heaven)
Artistic Director: Alessandro Gigli
Authors and Actors: SILENCE Teatro