The little village of Dossena organize the first edition of the wine and food and folklore hike called “Dossena… Folklore and Flavours” on Sunday, September 13th.

The manifestation will start at 10:30 a.m. in the meeting point of Chiesa street. Here is going to begin the six kilometres of path through which the tourist will discover all the aspects of the village located between the two Italian valley: Brembana and Serina.

During the thirteen stopovers expected along the path visitors will be able to taste typical products, to listen traditional folk music, to recollect the local miners’ tales and specially to rediscover the lost from century artisanal hand-works which incredibly survived in Dossena thanks to the teaching from father to son.

An event with attention to detail which result as amazing tourist opportunity to discover along the path all the cultural baggage of Dossena and its habitants who have never given up about this. It is said that in the XV Century, after a terrible famine, was proposed to the Dossena’s people to exchange the pieces of art inside of their church with food. But they refused preferring to starve instead of living without their culture. The same culture that September 13th they will proudly express during the “Dossena… Folklore and Flavours”.