Where did the idea to play Come Angeli dal Cielo (Like Angels of the Heaven) at the Tree Cathedral come from?

In the past we had already been at the Tree Cathedral and we thought that this enchanting place would have been perfect for our performance. Later on, a partner of ours who had come to know the initiative came out with the idea of contacting you, and that’s how it all started.

What do you want to communicate through the play?

We would like to create a poetical situation by using the actors’ bodies as living artworks.

As company you work with forms of expression which combine both the environment and the theatre. How will you confront with a natural stage as the Cathedral’s one?

The Tree Cathedral is a natural environment, but it is also a place where Space and Time remain hanging. In this emptiness the angels move easily creating situations and atmospheres to create a contact with the imaginary world. Our performances are different every time because they are intended for various places and people. To act in this specific environment will be a brand new experience for us, and we will be able to answer only after the show.

Whom is your show ment for?

It is ment for everybody believe in the importance of dreaming. Among that each spectator can see his own dream in it.