We want to start this space with a brief but intense reflection of Sergio Cortinovis, the artist of photography thanks to whose experience and sensitivity we can admire the picture published in home page:

If taking a picture means to freeze a moment, well … photography is probably not the best way to describe this place. Having the luck to live not far from the Tree Cathedral, I understand clearly its nature of work in constant and continuous change: the leaves are born, grow and wither. The snow falls and melts, the flowers are now blue, now yellow, the sun casts shadows a bit to the left, a little to the right.

To avoid facing the problem of perpetual becoming, I decided to “get out of the time”, building a picture of a moment that in fact never existed. Yes, because no one has ever seen the columns of the Tree Catedral illuminated like this: what you see in this shot is the result of “brush strokes of light” provided by a torch passed between the columns – in other words, light painting.

Whoever visits this place takes away the memory of a specific, unique situation: a certain color of the leaves, a certain disposition of the clouds, a certain pattern of shadows, the wind bends the stalks of grass with a certain angle: the place is always the same, the memory is different for each. Who cares if mine never existed, this image reminds me all of the sensations that I felt in the night when I was there, that’s enough!

If you want to know more about Sergio Cortinovis his amazing shots, please visit www.sergiocortinovisphotography.it.