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Egita, the Latvian blogger talk about her journey at the Tree Cathedral inside missathletique.com

27 October 2015

The Tree Cathedral in the Inspir3d’s view

5 October 2015

This Tree Cathedral is prettier than any ancient basilica

2 October 2015

“A breathtaking Outdoor Cathedral” by Design Bump magazine

1 October 2015

The Tree Cathedral in the Oddes’s 10 incredibly unusual church

2 September 2015

“Honestly, wow!”

31 August 2015

Wired UK: “Tree cathedrals sprout across the world”

22 July 2015

A Majestic Cathedral Made Of Living, Breathing Trees

20 July 2015

Fantasy In Real Life: Tree Cathedral, Bergamo

15 July 2015

BBC about the Tree Cathedral as “a place of worship that’s both divine and down-to-earth”

14 July 2015
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