To support the Nepal populations damages by the April 25th earth wake as Tree Cathedral we decided to endorse the Caritas’ gathering of funds campaign.

The Caritas’ network got suddenly to work in first-aid and supported the population for the forthcoming wet season thanks to the fast mobilisation of all the world’s sections which raised funds for earthquake victims.

After raised over 100.000 Euro direct to the first-aid Caritas Italy is going to start the most difficult part of its project: help the Nepal’s reconstruction. The gathering of funds campaign supported also by the Tree Cathedral is carrying on with the aid of the resumption of the normal life in Nepal by medium and long-term projects.
We are trying all together to keep alive the solidarity to Nepal also now that the media’s attention has faded. A little donation by each of us can make the different.

Who would like to support the project can do it in the way described here.