Thame is the last village along the ancient caravan route from Nepal to Tibet. Nowadays is completely destroyed by the April 25th and the May 7th earthquakes witch took away any hope.

The city is located at 11811 feet and has a residence population of 500 that suddenly have been without houses and structures to live.
Thame is the Sharpa’s capital, a population that work as guide and support in alpine expedition to reach the Everest. Moreover they work as specialist at the Everest’s Laboratory Piramide.

For this reason the first to provide assistance to them were the mountains and alpines associations, that with CESVI and EVK2CNR created the “Thame Rebound” campaign.
Between the associations there are also us of Tree Cathedral. By local fundraising campaigns we try to turn the project into a material, alimentary and psychophysical help.

The decision to join the campaign arose sharing the project’s values as the Lorena Dayala Valva’s declaration show: “Our idea is to create a project where the local community participate directly because this is the best way to make a eco-friendly campaign”.
Sustainability we hope to be able to do together. Because just like this the spiritual connection between Nepal and the Tree Cathedral can be turn into reality.

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